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Bakery Equipments


Model Chamber Size Trays Kw Phase(ELECTRIC)
ADO 06 30”x36”x10” 06 6 Three
ADO 09 36”x48”x10” 09 7.5 Three
ADO 12 48”x48”x10” 12 9 Three
ADO 16 48”x60”x10” 16 10.5 Three
APO 04 24”x24”x10” 4 PIZZA 2 Three
APO 06 24”x36”x10”” 6 PIZZA 4 Three


We manufacture these ovens following all the norms and parameters laid by the industry. The offered ovens are manufactured in our well-equipped facility, by making use of modern tools and machines. The Rotary Rack Ovens are widely demanded by bakery industries for their high efficiency and low maintenance

We are manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of various types of rotary rack oven. These are perfect baking equipment for preparing pastry, cookies, bread, meat, toast, biscuit, cake and so on. As a notable rotary rack oven supplier and exporter, we assure that these are manufactured by using supreme quality raw material such as stainless steel, aluminum, glass, etc which are strictly quality tested.

Less power consumption require.
International standard products.
High durability machine.
High performance functioning.
Optimum quality rack oven.
User-friendly rotary oven.
Long lasting ovens.


Model Capacity Power Phase Features
ABS - 24 200 Loaves/hr 0.25 Single Table Top Model
ABS – 34 250 Loaves/hr 0.50 Single Single Loaf Cutting
ABS – 40 500 Loaves/hr 1.00 Single Double Loaf Cutting


Display equipment / Counters play a importantl role when it comes to bakery business. It is not only enough to produce delicious quality bakery products, but also displaying them in an attractive manner is very important to attract customers. It is made possible with the help of some useful and well designed Display equipment / Counters that suits the area or space of your shop. We manufacture and sell different variety of Display Counters that add value to your business. we have got some attractive Display equipment / Counters for all purposes at affordabe prices.

Front elegantly curved annealed glasses of thickness 8mm.
Fabricated with SS sheets AISI 304 grade.
Sides with toughened glass.
Available in different shapes Balloon Bend, S Band, Egg shape and J-Bend.
Hot or cold cabinets are optional.
Hot display counters.
Cool display counters.
Ordinary display counters.


Model Chamber Size Trays Kw Phase
AFW 2 22”x27”x19” 2 0.25 Single
AFW 3 28”x27”x19” 3 0.50 Single
AFW 4 35”x27”x19” 4 0.50 Single
AFW 6 48”x27”x19” 6 0.75 Single
AFW 8 59”x27”x19” 8 1.00 Single



All types of bakery products and confectionery
Can be baked with baking temp 300°c in AB rotary rack oven
Larger range of baking capacity
Adjustable air flow system
Available with oil, gas or electronic heating system
Uniform baking
Model Dimension Tray Size m.m No. of Tray Max Temp Power Cookies/HR Bread Load 400g Sponge Cake
MINI S10 2150x1300x1830mm 400x600mm 20 360°c 2 HP 45 Kgs 120 35 Kgs
S 20 2150x1500x2750mm 400x600mm 40 360°c 4.0 HP 90 Kgs 195 80kgs
S 40 2605x1775x2750mm 400x600mm 80 360°c 6.2 HP 180 Kgs 416 200 Kgs
FourTrally S 80 3200x2500x2700mm 400x600mm 160 360°c 8.5 HP 360 Kgs 832 250 Kgs

GAS (LPG) OVEN (fully Automatic)



This model is an extremely versatile and creative machine and, thanks to its numerous production possibilities and choices of the product shapes, is also ideal for a big pastry laboratory. An easy and intuitive control panel displays all working parameters of the dropping machine. In any moment, the operator can recall the programs previously stored or modify each single parameter simply by acting on the control keyboard.Dosing unit rollers type for hard pastries with stainless steel rollers, extractable and completely knockdown for the correct cleaning of the parts in touch with the dough.

Enriched with fast industrial experience , we offer our clinets an extensive range of wire cut cookies machines that are acknowlged for durability and cutting edge technology. Our entire product range is in compliance with set industrial standards and quality . These products are acknowledged with adjustable speed and are configured with latest technologies.

Couple of hopper adaptors for soft pastries.
Rotary mould and two sets of bronze nozzles.
Wire-cut mould standard shape.


High speed with complete accuracy.
Compact designs
Mobility is increased


Model Tray Size m.m Nozzels No’s Stroke/Min Motor
SWC - 80 400x600 5 35 1 H.P
SCD - 100 400x600 5 Wire 6 Drop 50 35 1.5 H.P
SDR - 120 400x600 5 Wire 6Rotary 50 35 1.5 H.P


Cake Dropping Machine
Suitable for the production of butter cookies and other pastry products (shortbread biscuits, almond pastries, meringues, lady’s fingers, macaroons, cream puffs, sponge cakes, baba, plum cakes, muffins, etc.) the model EURODROP N is supplied with the following standard equipment.
Dosing unit rollers type for hard pastries with stainless steel rollers, extractable and completely knockdown for the correct cleaning of the parts in touch with the dough.
Couple of hopper adaptors for soft pastries.
Stationary mould and two sets of bronze nozzles.
Moreover it is possible to equip the machine with :
Dosing unit gears pump type for fluid pastries.
Moulds for the production of sponge cake, plum cakes, muffins, lady’s fingers, madeleines, etc.
Bronze multiple nozzles.


Operation of machine is simple
Accurate weight through PLC
Belt type convery system
Model Cm04 Cm06 Cm08 Cm10
No. of nozzle 4 6 8 10
Power h.p 1 1 1.5  
Speed Strokes/min 40 40 40 40


Enriched with vast industrial experience, we offer our clients a quality approved range of Planetary Mixers that are appreciated for optimum quality and exceptional designs. They are attached vacuum options and high speed dispersing blade. With the assistance of experienced professionals, we are able to cater to diverse requirements of clients in the most effective manner.


Safe to use
Powerful and fast


Enriched with vast industrial experience, we offer our clients a quality approved range of Planetary Mixers that are appreciated for optimum quality and exceptional designs. They are attached vacuum options and high speed dispersing blade. With the assistance of experienced professionals, we are able to cater to diverse requirements of clients in the most effective manner.


High Effectiveness
Easy to operate
High Strength


We are engaged in manufacturing, exporting and supplying a wide assortment of high quality planetary mixer and spiral These mixers are widely acclaimed for its excellent performance, high power, even mixing, easy operation and durability. We assure that these planetary and spiral mixers are manufactured in compliance with world quality standard by using the best quality raw material such as stainless steel, etc which are obtained from the authentic vendors of the market. These are easy and convenient to operate which comes with adjustable speed in slow, medium and fast speed. The planetary mixers offered by us are suitable for heavy bread dough, liquid food mixing, powdery, fragments, pasty foods, etc. Therefore, these are extensively used in preparing cookies, cakes, biscuits, breads, buns, etc in food industries, restaurants, hotels, bakeries and so on.


Powerful and fast function facility.
Trouble free functioning mixer.
Easy and safe to use mixer machines.
Highly efficient mixer machines.
Reliable to use such mixers
Highly Durable mixers.
Model Production Capacity Net Weight Motor H. p
Flour Dough Bowl Spiral Bowl
SM - 40 30 Kgs 50 Kgs 80 Kgs 400 Kgs 3.0 1.0
SM - 60 60 Kgs 100Kgs 180Kgs 550 Kgs 5.0 1.5
SM - 90 90 Kgs 170Kgs 260Kgs 750 Kgs 7.5 2.0


Competition is more aggressive every day, customers are increasingly demanding and sophisticated, as well as open to novelties technology evolves at a rapid pace the retailing and distribution industry requires greater variety in short time.

AB Engineering twin drop features two-ingredient products and increases your revenue by entering a new market niche that previously was virtually impossible due to lack of technology.

AB Engineering Twin Drop can drop, extrude and fill two different types of dough at the same time, whether it be hard, soft or loose dough, obtaining infinite product combinations your imagination may be the only limit

Cookies Wire-Cut And dropping Machine

(Servo Model) 5/6/7/8/9/12 Nozzels
Salient Features :
Our simplified and fully customized model of cookies wire-cut dropping machine enables you to produce more varieties of cookies with ease.
Touch screen will make the machine user-friendly for the operator to produce cookies of various varieties.
Adjustable speed and time for depositing rollers.
Heavy duty motors Gear Box and electronics circuit designed to tolerate varying power supply conditions.
The machine is built to suit all conditions and can run 24 hrs x 365 days continuously.
Model No.of Nozzels Tray Width Max Production
Capacity / Hour
Total Power
(In HP)
WCD-5 5 13” (330 mm) 60 Kgs. 1.5
WCD-6 6 16”(400 mm) 130 Kgs. 1.5
WCD-7 7 18”(450 mm) 150 Kgs. 1.5
WCD-9 9 24”(600 mm) 200 Kgs. 2.9
WCD-12 12 32”(800 mm) 300 Kgs. 2.9

Cake Dropping Machine

6/9/12/18 Nozzels

A simplified machine for depositing Small & Large Size Cakes efficiently & evenly

Salient Features :
Operation of the machine is very simple
Accurate weight is obtained(through PLC).
Every care is taken that the dough texture remains unchanged while dropping
Separate control Systems is given to avoid the extra drops from dropping
Model No.of Nozzels Speed Total power
CD-6 / 12 CD-7 / 14 CD-12 / 24 60 Kgs.
6 / 12 7 / 14 12 / 24 14 / 28
26 strokes / min 26 strokes / min 26 strokes / min 26 strokes / min
1.0 HP 1.0 HP 1.5 HP 1.5 HP


Model Flour Dough Capacity Power Features
ASM 20 12 Kg 20 Kg 3 HP Auto-Manual Operation
ASM 40 Jacob 40 Kg 5 HP Auto-Manual Operation
ASM 60 35 Kg 60 Kg 6 HP Auto-Manual Operation
ASM 100 60 Kg 100 Kg 9 HP Auto-Manual Operation
ASM 160 90 Kg 160 Kg 12 HP Auto-Manual Operation
ASM 160 DB 90 Kg 160 Kg 14 HP Auto-Manual Operation


Model Power Phase Speed Capacity
ACM 20 1 HP Single Variable 20 Ltr.
ACM 40 1 HP Single Variable 40 Ltr.
ACM 60 2 HP Single/Three Variable 60 Ltr.
ACM 80 5 HP Single/Three Variable 80 Ltr.
ACM 120 7.5 HP Single/Three 12 HP 120 Ltr.


Model Power Phase Flour Dough Features
ADK 25 1 HP Single/Three 10 Kg. 25 Kg. MS/SS Bowl
ADK 40 1 HP Single/Three 25 Kg. 40 Kg. MS/SS Bowl
ADK 60 2 HP Single/Three 35 Kg. 60 kg. MS/SS Bowl


Model Dmo-280 Roller Working Width 330mm
Roller Size 95mmΦx275mm(W) Roller Adjustable Gap 1.5-15mm
Roller Speed 111r/min Conveyer belt speed 24r/min
Capacity 1000-3000pcs/H Motor Power 0.37Kw
Voltage 220V/380V Machine Weight 145Kg


Proofing unit for your requirement (Room Size not exceeding 14’X14’X7’ height).
Gives automatic control temperature and humidity by means of electric controls.
Digital read-out of all set parameters as well as operating parameters.
Easy to operate and gives superb results for your products.
Optimization of power and ease maintenance.

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